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Luscious carpet or contemporary laminate? How about a modern vinyl? Fancy a designer floor? Whatever floor you are looking for LA Flooring Designs have it covered. We have a large range of flooring for you to view and feel, at a time and place convenient to you.

The possibilities for your flooring are only limited to your imagination. Choosing the right floor will depend on what look you are trying to attain from a design perspective. You may want your floors to add a subtle touch to your room or you could put a twist on things and go for something bold.

No limit...

No matter what your style; modern, retro, eclectic, vintage, elegant, bold or calm, what is beneath your floor is just as important.


A carpet loves a great quality underlay as it will help the carpet last longer and feel better underfoot. Wonky floorboards and concrete floors with divets are not a good look for vinyl or designer floors, they prefer a smooth floor to flow across. As for laminate, it needs a good base which can be achieved in most instances by using underlay or fibreboards.


LA Flooring Designs will provide a sub floor analysis and arrange for your sub floor to be prepared according to your flooring so that your new floor not only looks fantastic but will ensure optimal performance.

What lies beneath...

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